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All domestic and commercial buildings now require Energy Performance Certificates when they are either constructed, offered for sale, or to rent.

In addition to this, all buildings with Air Conditioning systems over 12 kw will need an Energy Performance Assessment by January 2011.

Charnwood Energy Assessors can provide EPCs for Domestic and Commercial Buildings and reports for Air Conditioning Systems at a competitive price.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced as part of the government's commitment to improve energy efficiency of buildings in England and Wales. They are designed to make it easy to judge the performance of a building in terms of energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions and to offer advice on possible improvements. As the price of gas and electricity continues to rise the information and advice in the EPC becomes increasingly valuable as a tool for controlling energy costs.

We can offer you free advice as to whether your building requires a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) along with your legal obligations.

Whether you have a single shop / office or a larger portfolio, we offer a professional low-cost service.

Our assessors and associates are fully qualified and insured.
Penalties for non compliance may be imposed by the local authority unless you are able to show that you commissioned an EPC at least 14 days before it was required.

From June 2007 all residential properties offered for sale in England and Wales must have a Home Information Pack (HIP), including an Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs), which must be in place before the house is offered for sale, either independently, or through an estate agent.

Only qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can issue Energy Performance Certificates. Charnwood Energy Assessors can offer this service using fully qualified assessors.

Charnwood Energy Assessors can issue an EPC to Estate Agents, Solicitors, or owners, either independently, or through your preferred HIP provider.

On completion of energy survey and issue of certificate, advice can be given on taking simple steps to make your home more energy efficient, cutting carbon dioxide emissions that contribute toward global warming

Charnwood Energy Assessors can provide you with Air Conditioning Assessment Reports in compliance with the latest energy performance legislation.


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