Commercial EPC

Charnwood Energy Assessors provide affordable Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for businesses that are being sold or leased in the United Kingdom. With effect from the 4th of January 2009, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive dictates that a Commercial EPC will be required upon construction, sale or lease for all non-dwellings, covering everything from small retail units to offices, industrial units and large scale commercial premises such as airports and public buildings.

Commercial EPCs provide an energy rating based on the performance potential of particular buildings, i.e. the materials and its services such as heating, ventilation and lighting.

The energy rating on an EPC certificate reflects the intrinsic energy performance standard of a commercial property in comparison to a building that is similar in size and construction. For benchmarking purposes, an EPC certificate is accompanied by a comparable energy performance rating with easy-to-understand graphs.

This rating could then be used by potential buyers or tenants to make comparisons between properties. The commercial EPC is accompanied by a secondary report that provides recommendations on how the energy performance of the building could be enhanced, together with an indication of the payback period. These recommendations are provided in four categories relating to the payback period.

Responsibility for enforcement in newly built properties will fall to Building Control, whilst Trading Standards departments will enforce certification of existing buildings. The legislation does have exemptions; for advice on your requirements please contact our Commercial EPC Department for definitive answers.

A Commercial EPC is intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building, so that they can factor energy efficiency into their decision whether or not to buy or occupy a particular property.

A Commercial EPC provides an energy rating for a building which is based on the performance potential of that building. Services such as lighting, heating and ventilation are taken into account as well as the way in which these services are controlled. The now industry standardised A - G energy rating given on the certificate will reflect the energy performance standard of the building relative to a benchmark.

Like residential assessments our assessors are trained to the highest of standards to assess the recommendation report and amend recommendations where appropriate. This makes the report much more suitable to your specific needs. Our experience in commercial property and energy assessment methods allows us to offer the very best and most up to date information

Example of a commercial EPC click here


Free related government publication

This guide describes the scope and requirements of the Regulations applying to energy performance certificates (EPCs) when non-domestic properties are being sold or let and provides guidance on how these are applied click here

Buildings that will need an EPC include:

  • Retail Units - Shops and Retail Outlets (including Charity shop outlets)
  • Offices - Office Blocks and Offices for small business
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Building up for either rent, letting or lease to tenants or occupiers
  • Industrial Units
  • Commercial Units


Our EPC service

As Level 3 and 4 assessors Charnwood Energy Assessors can deal with all but the most complex of buildings under the government scheme. Consequently, we are able to offer this service to landlords, solicitors, commercial property agents and owners of commercial property portfolios.

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