Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

Charnwood Energy Assessors are now able to offer Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

Due to the growing number of air-conditioning systems in the UK and the government’s carbon reduction targets, regular air-conditioning inspections by an accredited energy assessor have now become a legal requirement.

The inspections are being brought in a two phase strategy:
Many commercial buildings and an increasing number of homes have air conditioning systems. These systems should be carefully maintained and managed in order that they do not consume too much energy.

By 4 January 2009 all air conditioning systems over 250kW must have their first inspection, and by 4 January 2011 all air conditioning systems over 12kW must have their first inspection.

The trigger for air conditioning systems inspections is the size (effective rated output) of the system not the type of building and so the measures apply to homes, commercial and public buildings.

The inspection which is done by an accredited energy assessor will include an assessment of efficiency, a review of their sizing and advice on improvements or replacements and alternative solutions, and are required to be regularly inspected a maximum of five years apart by an accredited energy assessor.

Having your air-conditioning systems inspected is designed to improve efficiency and reduce the electricity consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions of your systems. Inspections will highlight improvements to the operation of your existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less energy efficient systems or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems to ultimately save you money.

Government good practice and Guidelines click here

We are now able to offer Air Conditioning Inspections in accordance with the Department of Communities and Local Government Guidelines and the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

Regulation introduced in 2007, brings in a requirement of air conditioning inspection by an accredited energy assessor.

Straightforward installations and complex systems

We can do this energy assessor inspection of your air conditioning for you whether your installation is straightforward or a complex system.

There are two levels of complexity for the inspections and accreditation is required for both; the more straightforward installations using packaged systems are the first level and complex systems involving centralised chillers and equipment are the second level. We can deal with both levels.

The complexity is reflected in the level of fees charged; some installations may only involve a couple of cassettes and external units while a complex system might involve several chillers and numerous air handling units or fan coils.

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